Mortgage Rates Have Moved DOWN Since the Election!

Posted by Mike Askins on Friday, November 16th, 2012 at 10:36am.

Mortgage Rates Have Moved DOWN Since the Election!

And so have house payments, but only if you are able to lock in your multi-generational low mortgage interest rate. 30 Year money is now below 3.2%, and that rate is truly a gift going forward for anyone who is wanting to find ways to create additional spendable income or savings outside of one's house payment. Regardless of how you believe concerning the man made "fiscal cliff" life will continue in 2013 along with rising living and housing costs. So buying now, might just get you the savings you could not find during 2012 and may never see in 2013 and beyond.

We'd love to assist you in finding a new home in Dallas / Fort Worth. Please don't hesitate to Contact or call: 972-529-2394 if you require any additional information about listings, interest rates, or our famous home buyer rebates.

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