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YES, I Can Help You Find the BEST New Home Deal ANYWHERE in Dallas Fort Worth!

Posted by Mike Askins on Thursday, October 13th, 2022 at 5:09pm.

Make Hay While Sun Shines and BUILDER DISCOUNTS are RED HOT!

**UPDATE!** SEVERAL BUILDERS now advertising for ANY and ALL OFFERS!

For 20 Years, I have saved my clients MILLIONS of dollars by helping them find GREAT NEW HOME deals, and THEN, I paid them collectively MILLIONS more in VALUABLE New Home Buyer Cash Rebates. That is why you have nothing to lose when you check with Mike Askins before you buy. Simply put, if I can't improve your savings, you have no obligation to me.  

It's the perfect TIME to discover how my experience can help you optimize your Q4 2022 New Home Purchase efforts. You have nothing to lose besides overpaying or leaving money on the Closing Table that you can keep.

The CLOCK is ticking, DEALS are to be MADE, Let me be the DIFFERENCE for YOU!

Here's the looming elephant in the room because, next year, builders may increasingly be forced to HALT construction if CONSUMERS can't pay what it costs to build NEW HOMES; yes, inflation is still raging away and driving up construction costs. That is why NOW, maybe your LAST best chance to get a finished NEW HOME before year's end at or below BUILDER COST. Builders are now flush with unsold new home inventory and MUST liquidate or face penalty credit rate increases next year. Once this 2022 Yearend INVENTORY is SOLD, builders will increasingly be forced in 2023 to build on strictly worded contracts that will guarantee they will not be selling their new homes for less than what it costs to build. This emerging builder problem may very well trigger a noticeable reduction in new home STARTS, and as homes become more scarce, upward pricing pressure on real estate may result.

↓ General Example of New Home Deals in The Market NOW ↓

2022 Year-end DISCOUNTED New Home Deals in Dallas Fort Worth!

The FED Ain't Rescuing NOTHING - They are the Problem

The FED Creates the Problem then SOLVES it With a Worst Solution - End the FED!

And the Federal Reserve is only making matters WORSE by raising INTEREST RATES because INFLATION is 100% due to SUPPLY CHAIN disruptions, which they, in all honesty, ALLOWED to happen. Sure, paying people to stay home during a questionable COVID event didn't help, but those checks are already spent for the average person.

You see, the ONLY reason the FED is raising interest rates is to DISCOURAGE CONSUMERS from wanting to borrow to buy finished goods, like homes, because they know the disrupted supply chain can't economically meet normal consumer demand. Hence, the FED is raising rates to balance or right-size the money supply to accommodate the supply chain's lower output of goods; otherwise, the past low-interest rates that existed in a fully functioning and competitive supply chain would ignite hyperinflation. It's not Rocket Science. Let's hope this ends soon.


Homes are a Necessity

So, if my hunch is correct, BUYING a NEW HOME now may be significantly cheaper than waiting until 2023 or 2024, when the dollar may be experiencing increased international HEADWINDS from an emerging multi-polar economic world, and that will tend to make FOREIGN manufactured goods more costly and finished goods more expensive.

Q4 2022 May Be The Last Call for Serious Home Buyers

Lets Talk - I Can Help, Then YOU DecideIt costs nothing to talk with Mike about the fantastic new home deals available for yearend 2022 through March 2023 Closings. And more importantly, how I CAN HELP YOU FIND NEW HOMES TODAY THAT YOU MAY HAVE MISSED. If you consider yourself a new home buyer and want to benefit from all the ADVANTAGES I can offer you, i.e., locating, negotiations, and a generous buyer cash rebate, and letting you in on ONE SECRET builders don't want you to know about, then take the following steps and 214-727-3686 or fill out the form below and I'll contact you. PS: If I don't answer your call, kindly LEAVE ME A MESSAGE, and I will contact you ASAP.


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Mike Askins

Mike Askins, Realtor, Owner ARG, 20 Years of Client Services
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