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Why You Should Consider The New Home Realtor® Experts at ARG™ 

Mike and Jenee Askins, Professional New Home Realtors®

Gain Important New Home Buyer Support and Minimize Unknown Risks with DFW Home Builders While Earning THOUSANDS in Cash Back When You Close! 

Longtime Realtor® and independent Top Producing New Home Expert Mike Askins stands ready to help you avoid common new home buyer mistakes in D/FW, and if problems occur, help you resolve them. Home Builder Sales Reps employed by the various builders to sell their homes make it scary easy for you to buy a new home without representation, but what happens when problems occur? Why not allow me to help you level the playing field? Then, when you Close, you get a cash rebate worth thousands. Yes, I will pay you!

Rebates Add Savings You Can Use For Closing Costs or Even After Closing!For example, if your builder offers a 3% Realtor® commission on a $400K New Home, you would get a check for ~$10,000, perhaps more (depending on the commission). This is versus having no Realtor® and allowing the builder to pocket YOUR Cash Rebate. And when you consider your home's final sales price is the same with or without a Realtor® representing you, it becomes a no-brainer to have Realtor® Mike Askins representing you! LEARN MORE About Getting Representation PLUS a Rebate, or if you have a home to sell, about our Commission Saving FREE Move-up!


Choose Your Savings! Get a Cash Rebate OR Free Move-up!

Builders charge new home buyers the same bottom line price with or without a Realtor® involved - meaning you're paying the Realtor® Commission one way or the other. With ARG as your New Home buyer agent, we unlock the Realtor® cost center and rebate the majority of these dollars back to you, or if you have a home to sell, you may choose to use your Rebate Credit to vastly lower or even completely eliminate the MLS listing fee you would otherwise pay to sell your current home. We offer results oriented solutions that will save you THOUSANDS!

Just Buying a New Home? Claim your ARG™ New Home Buyer Cash Rebate Incentive Shown Below!

Choose Your Builder and Discover Your ARG Rebate

Your Cash Rebate
When You Buy With ARG
Move the Dollar Sign to indicate the commission sales price of your new home. Your cash rebate is shown above.
Or, do you need to Sell an Existing Home First? ARG Move-up Clients Average ~$20,000 in Agent Commission Savings

Select Your Builder & Adjust Cost Sliders to Reveal Your Cost to List with ARG

Your Total Listing Costs
Why Pay More?

PLEASE NOTE: When Calculator results show "$0 FREE!" that means you AVOID the entire 6% MLS Listing Commission making your Move-up 100% Commission FREE. Should any "Dollar Amount" be shown, that COST represents your TOTAL FINAL Cost. Always CALL 214-727-3686 to get a FINAL QUOTE. FREE Move-up offer is in lieu of cash rebate offer. Conditions apply. Savings based on a 6% Listing.

Move the Dollar Sign to indicate the home's value. Your Listing Cost and Savings are shown above.
Move the Dollar Sign to indicate the commission sales price of your new home.

Please note, your actual rebate amount may vary from amounts shown on calculator depending upon your specific agreement with ARG.

Areas where New Home Expert Mike Askins Can Help You Avoid Common Pitfalls

  • New Home Pricing. How do you know you're paying a FAIR price?
  • If you're contingent, does your contract adequately protect your deposit?
  • Providing alternative lender recommendations as bad lenders can blow up your purchase plans.
  • I can refer Home Owner Insurance Providers with some of the lowest rates for comparison.
  • How to negotiate a smaller initial deposit.
  • Understanding location issues like interior versus perimeter lots, direction home faces, noise issues, etc.
  • Floorplans to AVOID and how they negatively affect future resale.
  • Understanding a builder's general reputation
  • How to handle unknown upgrade substitutions discovered after the fact.
  • Understanding your right of inspection.
  • What type of inspections protect you the most?
  • How to get builders to repair construction mistakes.
  • Delayed Closings and how to get reimbursed for your financial hardship.

 Nearly all builders include the Realtor commission in the price of all new homes they sell, whether you actually use an agent or not. Many buyers fail to realize they could retain a sizeable cash rebate, saving them THOUSANDS of Dollars. We have been D/FW-based for over 20 years as a top producer, and that level of experience helps you get the reliable answers you need. Realtor Mike Askins has an established trust-based Two Decade A+ Zero Complaint and Accredited BBB History


Fall 2022 Home Buyer's Guide for Dallas Fort Worth




Fill out the Form Below to Get Your FREE Copy of ARG's™ Latest Dallas Fort Worth Home Buyers' Guide via email. This guide is chock full of the latest real estate trends. Need Immediate Help? Call us at 972.529.2394 It's Your Choice to get the Facts About market conditions that affect today's home buyers. Learn how to save thousands with ARG's™ Home Buyer Cash Rebate Offer.

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