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Terms of Use Policy

Your use of this website constitutes your full agreement to be bound by the following terms of use and all future modifications. If, for any reason, you disagree with our Terms of Use Policy, please cease all usage of this website immediately.

VOW Rules

THIS WEBSITE uses a specially licensed Virtual Office Website (VOW) data set licensed from MLS®. Per MLS rules, you must register to gain access to VOW content. All improperly registered accounts or accounts missing names of users and all unverified accounts are subject to deletion. To register, you are required by the MLS® to accept the Terms of Use conditions. This acknowledges that you fully understand and will adhere to the following conditions:

  • You acknowledge that you are entering into a lawful consumer-broker relationship with the participant;
  • All information obtained by you from the VOW is intended only for your personal, non-commercial use;
  • You have a bona fide interest in the purchase, sale, or lease of real estate of the type being offered through the VOW;
  • You will not copy, redistribute, or retransmit any of the information provided, except in connection with your consideration of the purchase or sale of an individual property;
  • You acknowledge the MLS®’s ownership of, and the validity of MLS®’s copyright in, the MLS® compilation;
  • The MLS® and other MLS® Participants or their duly authorized representatives may access the VOW to verify compliance with Rules and monitoring the display of Participants’ listings by the VOW.

Askins Realty Group, LLC, a licensed Texas LLC Real Estate Broker, is herein referred to as "ARG™."  ARG™ operates this website and offers public access to through a limited user access license agreement with Real Estate Webmasters (REW), of Nanaimo Canada (Terms of Use), who has ownership of this website and code, all MLS® integration technology, and remote MLS® storage servers, and through limited access licensing agreement with MLS® (Multiple Listing Service), through the North Texas Real Estate Information Service (NTREIS) and the MetroTex Association of Realtors (MetroTex), who owns MLS®, all MLS® Listing data, its proprietary MLS Listing database, and public data feed transmission network, which they retain exclusive ownership and control over. ARG™ maintains no ownership interest in REW or MLS® nor exercises any supervisory control over the proprietary and transitory third-party MLS® content displayed on this website, including all MLS photos. MLS owns, controls, and exclusively licenses all MLS data. Any display of MLS information viewed by users on this website is transitory and temporary as MLS listings are never copied and stored on this website. Proprietary MLS® listings are always passively transmitted directly to users' internet-connected devices from third-party MLS-controlled data servers based upon a user's search request. MLS® listings are never published to or stored directly on this real estate website or leave MLS® or REW server technology control.  MLS photos are the absolute and complete legal responsibility of the individual MLS® listing agent of record as shown on each MLS Listing and not Askins Realty Group, LLC, who has no ability to supervise and control MLS® content published to MLS® and syndicated by third-party Realtors that are not licensed under ARG™. Please be advised that every MLS® listing displayed via this website contains an MLS® number, the MLS® listing agent's name, and the responsible broker. Please address any concerns with copyrighted photo content with the third-party listing agent and or broker of record or with the Multiple Listing Service, who is the MLS® database owner responsible for storing, retransmitting MLS® listings and photos.

REW owns all implementing code on this website that allows's (NHSP), a former and decommissioned third-party content vendor who transmits third-party builder content and photos to this website from proprietary servers they strictly control. NHSP is the sole proprietor for all NHSP new homes and image data viewed on THIS WEBSITE. ARG™ maintains no ownership interest in NHSP and has no ability to supervise NHSP data feeds that port photographs and potential third-party infringements to this website. A DMCA takedown notification to ARG concerning NHSP content will allow us to notify NHSP but does not guarantee removal, as ARG exercises no control over any content transmitted to and stored on this website from NHSP. ARG™ as a non-owning ISP host exercises no direct control over the display of MLS® or NHSP data on THIS WEBSITE and has no access to third-party proprietary data systems; and you agree to make all inquiries concerning any claims of infringement involving MLS®, or NHSP owned systems directly to the respective registered DMCA agent for MLS® and NHSP, or website owner, Real Estate Webmasters based in Canada, and subject to Canadian Copyright Laws.

ARG™ reserves the general right to alter or modify the restricted content we do control on THIS WEBSITE, without notice, including our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Policy. Although the information provided is deemed accurate, it is not guaranteed. Your usage of THIS WEBSITE before or after modifications of our Terms of Use policy and privacy policy and how our content is presented constitutes your agreement and acceptance of our Terms of Use Policy and privacy policy.


Askins Realty Group, LLC does not make any express or implied representations or warranties as to the accuracy, financial suitability, or completeness of the information found on THIS WEBSITE, nor does the information found on this website bind ARG in any way matter, or form unless agreed to in writing by ARG via a fully executed representation agreement. By your use of this website, you acknowledge, agree, and accept that ARG™ provides no user warranty of any kind, implied, or otherwise as to the accuracy or completeness of the information and third-party licensed information you obtain from THIS WEBSITE. You further acknowledge and agree that ARG™ offers no financial advice or guarantee of future home values. You further agree to hold harmless the Askins Realty Group, LLC, from any liabilities associated with your usage of this website and information obtained from THIS WEBSITE.

By your access and use of THIS WEBSITE to view MLS® listings, you agree to indemnify Askins Realty Group, LLC, if you discover any copyrighted infringements uploaded by third-party MLS® members other than ARG™. ARG™ maintains a DMCA Takedown policy in the event you discover a third-party infringement on THIS WEBSITE. However, ARG™ gives notice that the responsible DMCA agents for any claims of third-party MLS® or NHSP photo infringement content that may display on THIS WEBSITE reside with MLS® NHSP and REW, who are the respective technology owners and are the only parties who can access their proprietary systems, and investigate and remove infringing materials. ARG™ operates this website but is not the website owner and maintains no general access to MLS® NHSP or REW's proprietary software code designed into THIS WEBSITE. By your usage of THIS WEBSITE, you agree to hold harmless ARG™ from all third-party originated content containing infringements.


You agree that your use of THIS WEBSITE is always at the sole discretion of ARG™ and that your use is for personal, non-commercial residential real estate specific needs. You certify that you will not use any information obtained from THIS WEBSITE as a basis for providing commercial services or for any other purpose other than your personal real estate-related needs without the Askins Realty Group's express written consent LLC.

You further agree, attest, and certify that your online user account information is true and accurate. User accounts that are not verifiable are subject to being deleted without notice.

Anonymous Information

Like most sites on the Internet, we also collect anonymous data on how our visitors use THIS WEBSITE. This data reflects site usage patterns gathered during thousands of customer visits each month and does not contain any personally identifying information. We reserve the right to share this anonymous usage data with third parties for analysis to improve our website's effectiveness. 

Copyright and Trademark Notice

Content copying is prohibited. You are not authorized to infringe or steal copyrighted content or intellectual property from as all content, photos, logos, CTA's, descriptions, blog entries, creative design elements constitute copyrighted intellectual property and are protected by copyright law. ARG™ reserves the right to enforce our copyrighted intellectual property through legal action without notice.

ARG™ is a registered and protected Trademark of the Askins Realty Group, LLC. No use or duplication of this Trademark is permitted without prior written permission of the Askins Realty Group, LLC.

Other Trademarks that may appear on this website are their respective owners' property and do not represent a business affiliation or endorsement of any kind by ARG™ unless specifically stated.

Third-Party Vendor Information

The Askins Realty Group, LLC, uses several Third-Party Vendors who passively transmit real-time, user-requested content to this website. Askins Realty Group, LLC (ARG™) is not responsible for any infringements transmitted by third-party vendor data feeds, including MLS® and NHSP, as a result of ARG™ website user requests. All MLS® photos are network transmitted and provided courtesy of NTREIS/MLS®, who maintain and exercise absolute proprietary control of MLS® data and photos. No MLS® photos are ever copied or stored, nor are they under the control of ARG™ or this website. ARG™ offers third-party content for informational purposes only. ARG™ does not guarantee the accuracy of any third-party information. Visitors and registered users agree to accept complete responsibility for their reliance upon any third-party information found on THIS WEBSITE and agree to hold harmless the Askins Realty Group, LLC, for any inaccuracies, mistakes, or passively networked infringements that may accompany third-party derived information found herein.

Copyright Attribution Links

Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA")

ARG™ respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects you to do the same. Per the DMCA, ARG™ will respond expeditiously to claims of copyright infringement discovered on THIS WEBSITE if submitted to ARG's™' Copyright Agent as described below. Upon receipt of a notice alleging copyright infringement, ARG™ will take whatever action it deems appropriate within its sole discretion, including removing the allegedly infringing materials.

If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated by ARG™ or by a third party who has uploaded materials to the Site, please provide the following information to ARG's™ designated Copyright Agent listed below:

a. A description of the copyrighted work or other intellectual property that you claim has been infringed;

b. A description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the Site;

c. An address, telephone number, and e-mail address where ARG™ can contact you and, if different, an e-mail address where the alleged infringing party, if not ARG™, can contact you;

d. A statement that you have a good-faith belief that the use is not authorized by the copyright owner or other intellectual property rights owner, by its agent, or by law;

e. A statement by you under penalty of perjury that the information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright or intellectual property owner or are authorized to act on the owner's behalf;

f. Your electronic or physical signature.

ARG™ may request additional information before removing any allegedly infringing material. In the event ARG™ removes the allegedly infringing materials, ARG™ will immediately notify the person responsible for posting such materials that ARG™ removed or disabled access to the materials. ARG™ may also provide the responsible person with your e-mail address so that the person may respond to your allegations.

Askins Realty Group, LLC Designated Agent:

Michael Askins
8212 Craftsbury Lane
McKinney, TX 75071
(972) 529-2394

Repeat Infringer Policy

ARG™ reserves the right to terminate, limit or suspend any user's access to the site in the event of repeated infringing activity. If you believe that a user of this site constitutes a repeat infringer, please access our DMCA Policy and follow the instructions to contact ARG's™ Copyright Agent. Please include sufficient information to assist ARG™ in determining that the user repeatedly engaged in infringing activity.

Notice About Online CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) or What's My Home Worth

ARG™ offers users a convenient "CMA" Tool (Comparative Market Analysis Tool) so users may determine an approximate market value of their respective homes. ARG™ does not guarantee, warrant, or certify the accuracy of this information offered by the CMA tool itself. Actual CMA reports where a price opinion is rendered are preliminary and will involve visiting your home before advising on a realistic market price. ARG™ does not guarantee or warranty any final CMA numbers that may be indicated by using our online CMA tool, which selects COMPS automatically. Users of this website agree to hold harmless ARG™ of any liability associated with their reliance upon automated CMA results.

Final market value determination can only occur based upon an analysis of "Comps" and market conditions.

SOLD Listing Information

NTREIS (North Texas Real Estate Information System) provides "Sold" listing information to this website. Users acknowledge and understand that access to this information requires user registration by the rule of NTREIS and that final SOLD prices indicated on "Sold Listings" may not reflect actual sold prices. It is a policy of NTREIS and the MLS® boards that make up NTREIS to withhold final sold prices purposely. The ACTUAL SOLD PRICES shown on SOLD LISTINGS is the last known price said MLS® listings displayed before being marked as SOLD. To obtain actual final SOLD pricing, you must contact a Realtor who can supply a sold report.

Contractor Directory Listings

The Askins Realty Group, LLC, makes no promise of suitability nor makes any guarantee whatsoever for any contractor ad found in this website's "Contractor Directory." Use of this website implies, and you fully agree to accept full responsibility and liability for your choice to use any "Contractor" that may be listed in this website's "Contractor Directory and that ARG™ makes no recommendation or referral and or accepts no referral fees from any contractor that is found in our contractor directory.

Disclaimer: Property Taxes Are Estimations Only and Subject to Verification

Property Taxes shown on this website are estimations only and are not guaranteed. Payment calculators embedded in MLS® listings found on this website offer property tax estimations only and are, in all cases, subject to user verification under ARG's™ terms of use policy. Therefore, users of this website acknowledge and agree that it is their express and sole responsibility to accurately verify all property tax estimations with the appropriate taxing authorities. Web-users furthermore agree to hold ARG harmless for the estimated tax amounts shown on this website. When in doubt, ASK QUESTIONS.

ARG™ recommends that all users of this website familiarize themselves with the various taxing jurisdictions in and around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and research these public access websites and use them to verify property tax amounts that may apply to specific property addresses of interest.

Cash Rebate Terms and Conditions

Commission rebates are always deemed negotiable on a per-client basis and may be based upon and subject to an executed contractual agreement with ARG™. Agents working under the license of ARG™ are independent contractors and may not be bound by rebates shown on this website. Cash rebate amounts shown on this website are strictly limited-service rebates and are not guaranteed unless agreed to in writing and or part of an executed buyer agreement with Askins Realty Group, LLC.

COVID-19 has created massive shortages of real estate for sale and a crisis for many buyers and Realtors alike. The difficulty of getting homes under contract for home buyers, especially preowned real estate has risen exponentially along with the time and effort expended by ARG™ Realtors. ARG™ is giving NOTICE that rebates displayed for preowned homes on this website are not guaranteed, and may not be offered at all. New Home Rebates will be determined on a case-to-case basis. Our No.1 responsibility is to get our buyer clients into a home, and any commission paid is a commission fully earned as long as the 2021 Texas/DFW housing market continues to experience unusual inventory shortages.

Rebates are always calculated on gross commissions paid by a new home builder. For example, if ARG™ has committed to a 2.5% cash rebate based upon the commission sales price of $400,000, then your rebate would be $10,000. ARG™ does not deduct business expenses before determining your cash rebate. Please note your home's actual final sales price may NOT be the price your rebate is based upon as builders may use different factors for determining the "COMMISSION PRICE" they base payment of the Realtor® commission. Therefore, Rebates are always calculated on the actual "Commission Sales Price" used by your builder to determine the Realtor commission unless otherwise stated in your buyer agreement. Your builder's new home contract will provide that specific information.

Rebate amounts displayed on this website are not guaranteed and may be subject to change without notice. Only cash rebates agreed to in writing via an executed buyer agreement with ARG™ are binding on ARG™. Commission Rebates are also contingent on ARG™ being listed as your buyer broker with your builder or seller and ARG receiving their full compensation from the home builder or seller as agreed to in your sales contract.

To obtain a cash rebate from ARG™, a new home buyer cannot be represented by another licensed real estate professional and must ensure at the time of their contract that "Askins Realty Group, LLC" is added to your contract as your buyer agent. An ARG™ client must agree to execute a brokerage rebate protection agreement for the rebate they are to receive.

In the event of non-payment to ARG™ of their buyer's broker commission, as provided for in your new home purchase contract, the client agrees to hold ARG harmless for non-credit, non-payment of a cash rebate. Clients acknowledge that ALL client cash rebates are firstly dependent upon FULL payment of buyer's broker commission as determined at the time of contract and as shown in your written buyer agreement.  

With some DFW area builders and per their company's specific contract language and terms, your rebate may be forced to be used towards closing costs and or further price reductions. These restrictive conditions are never imposed by ARG™, are outside our control, and maybe contrary to Federal Public Policy efforts aimed at preventing any anti-competitive efforts that result in a restraint of trade.   

If, for any reason and in the event our Realtor commission paid to ARG™ is less than the amount shown in your agreement, commission rebate will also be commensurately less.

Per the regulations of the Texas Real Estate Commission in Austin (TREC), All cash rebates are subject to the consent of the Principals (Clients) we (ARG™) represent. Meaning if ARG™ is representing a specific party in a real estate transaction, we need that party's consent before providing that party a cash rebate. Normally this is accomplished via a buyer representation agreement where the rebate amounts and terms of our services are mutually agreed upon. 

In general, buyer cash rebates may be used towards a buyer's closing costs and prepaids, but never towards a buyer's down payment unless your transaction is all cash or allowed by your lender. Other uses of ARG's™ buyer cash rebate may involve a reduction of your home's final price or increasing your new home design center allowance by the amount of your rebate, without increasing your home's final sales price.

Please be aware that rebate amounts shown on this website are not guaranteed. An example is with Express Homes, a subsidiary of DR Horton homes, the commission paid is typically 1% lower than with D.R. Horton branded homes. Hence, the displayed rebate is in error. The problem is we can't assign a rebate amount to "Express Homes" because D.R. Horton does not list these homes as "Express Homes" in MLS®. It is the responsibility of all clients to contact us before signing a new home contract with any builder to understand the actual rebate amounts ARG™ will commit to and get that rebate amount from us in writing. At that time, we will confirm your rebate and bring to your attention any contingent issues that may cause your rebate amount to change. Rebates will not change after your representation agreement with ARG™ is executed, unless upon the consent of all parties or in the event of partial or non-payment of full commission by your home builder.

In no case shall any cash rebate offer be more than the actual commission paid to ARG™. 

Price Reduction Technology

Access to "Price Reduction Technology" is reserved for clients of ARG™ who are under an executed buyer representation agreement. 

Advertised Rebate Amounts Shown on MLS Listings

Web visitors are reminded that it is illegal for the Real Estate industry to "fix" real estate commission rates for Texas consumers. Therefore, rebate amounts shown on pre-owned MLS® listings may be subject to change without notice in the event the commission offered is less than 3%. Additionally, the advertised cash rebate does not apply to in-house listings of ARG™. As a term of use for this website, you agree that you hold ARG harmless if actual rebates are less than the amounts shown in MLS listings. In every instance where ARG™ is involved, no rebate is guaranteed unless and until it is stated in an individual representation agreement.

Pre-owned MLS® Listings

Pre-owned rebates of 1.5% apply to listings priced at $300K or more. Below $300K to $200K rebate is 1%. We do not offer rebates on preowned homes below $200K.

Exclusive Low Cost to Commission FREE New Home Move-up Offer

ARG™ offers a leading low cost to completely commission-free "NEW home move-up" that will vary depending upon the home builder involved (Visit our Free-Move-up offer and move-up calculator). Actual client cost for ARG's™ "Free" move up is based upon the new home builder, the "Commission Sales Price" of the new home you are buying (determined by the individual home builder's commission policy as explained in your new home purchase contract) and the sales price of the pre-owned home we sell for you. The list of builders who are considered preferred new home builders, where we can offer you the most commission savings, can and does change without notice. Therefore, you are responsible for obtaining a listing commission quote from ARG™ for each new home builder you consider as your cost for MLS® Listing Services fully depends upon the buyer agent commission being paid by your chosen home builder. Quotes are also time-sensitive as builder sales promotions can and do change often, and any delay on your behalf can affect your cost of the MLS® Listing Services we offer. ARG™ will only guarantee your MLS® Listing Cost of Services in a fully signed contract when you hire us to represent you.

Our money-savings new home move-up offer is always in lieu of our advertised buyer cash rebate offer. 

ARG™ money-saving New home move-up offer applies to all DFW area new home builders

Advertised Home Builder Promotions

All new home ads and opportunities advertised in our BLOG concerning seasonal promotions by various builders or communities are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed. Although ARG™ deems such ads valid, we do not guarantee them. Although ARG™ responsibly advertises, based upon sales provided to us by various builders, you agree to hold ARG™ harmless in the event any terms of a sale found on this website for any reason are no longer in effect or as advertised.

New Home Builder Information

ARG™ provides an abundance of new home information on this website. ARG™ does not represent any new home builders in any manner and never acts as a new home listing agent unless specifically indicated otherwise. ARG™ is NOT compensated by any New Home Builders for advertising/marketing shown on this website. ARG's™ new home advertisements and information are deemed reliable but are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. 

New Home Builder Coverage Area

ARG™ works with most, but not all, North Texas new home builders. ARG™ does not offer services for mobile home or prefab home purchases. While the NTREIS MLS® coverage area includes a large section of land and towns, ARG™ reserves the right to provide or deny new home services based upon the location and builder involved.

Denial of Services, Limitation of Services

ARG™ reserves the right, based upon per-individual circumstances, to deny services and or terminate service agreements when the scope of services required is outside our core business of new home buyer representation and Free Move-up/ Reduced Cost Listing Services for new home buyers who have homes to sell. Denial of services may apply when the scope of service needed changes from the original language of an executed representation agreement. Denial of service may also apply to special bond financing programs, purchases based upon seller financing, changes in lender program requirements that disqualify home buyers, switching buying needs from a new home to a preowned purchase, or transactions involving small builders or individual contractor built homes, regardless of location. 

Unsubscribing Your Account with ARG™

Once we receive a notification to stop all email correspondence from a website account holder, ARG™ will delete that user account to fully prevent the possibility of any further communications of any kind. It is your responsibility to notify us in advance if you want to retain your online account. Once accounts are deleted, they can not be reactivated.

No Financial Advice

This website is not intended to replace professional financial, investment, or legal advice. Though we have endeavored to provide the most accurate and timely information available, some of this information is complex and subject to rapid change. As a visitor to our website, you acknowledge and agree that any reliance on or using any information available on this website shall be entirely at your own risk. For accurate, up-to-date information on the local real estate market, please contact a licensed real estate agent.


Real Estate listings and public MLS® is the key aspect of this website. Blog posts differ, in which opinions are offered that discuss the real estate market, home builders, and trends affecting real estate. The information expressed in blogs found on this website is the blogger's opinion and should not be relied upon as advice of any kind. Blogs are deemed accurate to the best of our knowledge but not guaranteed and may contain omissions, errors, and mistakes. Readers who rely on information found in any blog post do so at their own risk and agree to hold ARG™, its owner, and members harmless. You further acknowledge that ARG™ and its members reserve the right to change blog content at any time.


For more information about our Terms of Use Policy, please contact us.

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