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Rebate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



Opening Note - Are Cash Rebates Legal in Texas?

Yes. Commission Cash rebates are legal in Texas when consent is provided by the client's (principals) we serve and rebates are disclosed properly. Commission rebates are an important competitive tool that is beneficial to consumers. Open and free business competition, in general, is the basis for the American economy and is protected by both state and federal antitrust and consumer protection laws. Consumers would be well advised to visit the DOJ's website to understand the many Federal law enforcement efforts to prevent or prosecute restraint of trade or commission price-fixing within the real estate services industry. If you feel your right to competitive real estate services was impeded by anti-competitive industry practices, resulting in a loss or reduction in an agreed commission rebate, please leave a complaint with the DOJ. Consumers have legal recourse against harmful anti-competitive business conspiracies within the real estate services sector, resulting in higher than negotiated consumer services costs. In the United States, including Texas, any business conspiracy that results in restraint of free trade, consumer price-fixing, and or works to impose a boycott on competitive businesses have been deemed illegal and subject to anti-trust laws.

Consumer resource information concerning competition in real estate services on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) website.

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The Information Age Difference

With the advent of the "Internet," information technologies have greatly transformed the former real estate services business model structure. Today, all listings have equal exposure in the modern information age, and brokerages can no longer boycott competitive discount service providers as buyers don't need them to find homes for sale.  It is the availability of MLS information that is the foundation for better competition for real estate services and lower net consumer costs. 

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ARG Rebates based upon GROSS Commission

Regarding Cash Rebates for buyers, ARG NEVER DISCOUNTS its business expenses BEFORE we determine your cash rebate amount. This means a 2% rebate will be based upon the full commission shown on your closing statement. Hence 2% equals 2%, 3% equals 3%, etc. We also guarantee your commission rebate in writing for your full protection and are an "A+" Zero Complaint rated member of the Dallas Better Business Bureau, so you know we stand behind our services and commitment to you!

U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)
"Rebates make buying a home less expensive."
And are protected by Anti-Trust Laws
IRS, in a related Private Letter Ruling, deems
Cash Rebates as NOT Income
for Income Tax Purposes
U.S. Department of Justice Seal READ IRS LETTER ON CASH REBATES

Please note, if in doubt concerning these matters, please seek legal and or Expert Tax Advice

Get Cash Rebate Information From the Texas Real Estate Commission in Austin (TREC)

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The Realtor® Commission is a Built-in Cost Whether You Have an Agent or Not

Whether you actually have a Realtor or not,  you are actually paying the "Marketing Expense" or Realtor Commission when you buy a new home. ARG offers new home buyers a beneficial alternative - getting paid when you close versus leaving thousands of dollars behind on the closing room table.

The upside for working with ARG is our amazing award-winning new home buyer services combined with our leading cash rebate. We have helped countless people through the buying process, even get their earnest money back when they were unable to close, and help them work through numerous "issues" that often happen during the construction of a new home. All together, ARG represents "Value Added Realtor Services" that actually pay!

    Your ARG Realtor's® commission does 3 IMPORTANT THINGS for you:

  • Pays for and provides YOU with Buyer Representation (3rd Party set of eyes with many essential business connections) from an experienced professional representing ONLY you and your financial interests.


  • Gives the Builder a financially effective means to MARKET their New Homes to the Public. Paying a Realtor® is a lot cheaper than other forms of advertising, which do not guarantee sales.


  • It gets you a financially sizable "Value Added" new home buyer cash rebate that you would otherwise not get.



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We're Not for Everybody

Our new home buyer cash rebates are limited service rebates in the sense that in exchange for the rebate, you agree to visit new home communities on your own and communicate with us on an as-needed basis. We are here to offer advice, negotiate on your behalf and provide answers to many questions associated with building or buying a new home. Additionally, ARG's state-of-the-art website is so comprehensive, with how it finds specific homes, that we refer to it as a "Virtual Realtor Website." So again, in a sense, we have provided you with the tools to do your own discovery work. The time you save us by shopping for new homes at your leisure is how we can justify offering our money savings new home buyer cash rebates. 

If you require extensive 1 on 1 Realtor assistance, we may still be able to offer our services, but at a substantial rebate reduction. Please note that pre-owned buyer services may not be available in all areas, so please check with us first.

We also LIST our DFW client's preexisting homes with our EXCLUSIVE low cost to 100% commission free move up offer and offer accompanied by our amazing full-service listing services that have earned an industry-leading ~90% success rate since 2004.

We believe in the old American philosophy of competing for your business and hope to help you learn more about how our process can help you achieve your real estate goals while saving the most money possible. 

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Will every New Home Builder work with a Realtor®?

The overwhelming majority of Texas New Home Builders work with Realtors® or licensed Real Estate Agents and pay the standard marketing or sales commission of 3%. In rare circumstances, some small "one-by-one" builders may not work with Realtors®, and some builders require that the Real Estate Agent escort their client on their 1st visit to be eligible for a commission.

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How can you justify giving Rebates?

We operate an independent Texas LLC Brokerage, and this allows us to greatly illuminate middleman costs that work against our competitive services model.  Then we combine what we consider to be a "Virtual Realtor Website" that allows our visitors to quickly find homes that meet their location, school, and budgetary requirements. The advanced online search tools found on Texas New Home Rebates are "Cutting Edge." These tools save us TIME and our clients and allow us to offer large cash rebates as a result of our efficient business model.

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How is the Rebate paid?

The Rebate can be paid in cash via check, as a Closing Cost Credit to reduce your closing costs, or even as a price reduction if all parties agree.

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When is the Rebate paid?


If your Rebate is used to offset your closing costs, it can be used as a closing cost credit when you close. Cash rebates are typically available the next day for pickup or are mailed out and typically received in 3-5 business days.

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How about if I buy in other Texas locations. Will the Rebate apply?

YES! Just as long as you follow our simple guidelines, we will be happy to represent you. ARG is licensed throughout the State of Texas.

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The professional Realty team at Askins Realty Group, LLC will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding area real estate, Buyer Cash Rebates, and how we can offer special savings for you. Please email or call (972)529-2394 Local Office.

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