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Why Buy a New Home?

Dallas/ Fort Worth New Homes are Different in a Good Way

New Homes Offer Many Advantages

Reasons Why New Homes May Make Better Economic Sense:

  • Sanity. Trying to find a pre-owned home is not easy. It depends on inventory and buyer demand. Having to compete with multiple offers can get old fast.
  • New Homes are typically accompanied by a one-year "bumper to bumper" warranty. This transfers the cost of many repairs back to the builder or warranty company during the first year. Many buyers inspect before the expiration of their first year and present repairs back to their builder under their blanket one-year protection period.
  • New Homes typically offer a 24-month warranty for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Many builders allow their new home buyers to inspect their new homes 12 months after closing so the builder's warranty department can make any repairs they may have missed during construction.
  • New Homes are typically sold with structural warranties that cover your home's foundation and framing for up to 10 years.
  • Home Owners Insurance for new homes is measurably less than premiums on older existing homes.
  • Taxes owned for the first year on a new home may be significantly less depending on when you close your home. New Homes closed after January 1st of the new year typically only pay property taxes on partial and or lot value. This can save a new home buyer thousands of dollars during the first partial year of ownership.
  • Eco Friendly Green Built New Homes Save Money and the EnvironmentNew homes are noticeably more energy-efficient, providing a level of occupant comfort from temperature extremes that older homes do not provide. Additionally, homeowners save a significant sum of money on electric, gas, and water costs. New homes are typically Energy Star Certified and or independent 3rd Party tested and contain energy-efficient attic designs, radiant barriers, perforated soffits, vinyl windows, high-efficiency AC and heating systems, low flow water appliances, advanced sprinkler/ underground irrigation systems, LED Lights, and improved insulation. PLEASE NOTE: Not all new homes are insulated the same. There are important differences you need to UNDERSTAND before signing a contract. ARG can help you understand your choices. 
  • You get to build your home your way. You can choose your lot, exterior elevation, floorplan options, colors, upgrades, and even outdoor living area components and or "rough-out" connections for future use.
  • You get to inspect your home during construction to ensure it is being built properly.
  • You can add protective systems like whole house water filtration to help protect your new PEX plumbing system and all plumbing components like Sink Faucets, Shower Heads, dishwashers,  washing machines, Refrigerator Water dispensers, and outdoor faucets from scale build-up and premature failure, not to mention deliver healthy water for your family and eliminate chlorine exposure harm.
  • You can add exactly the low voltage wiring you desire from tech panels, internet, and phone wiring, to Video Network and Security Wiring. Construction is the cheapest time to add special low voltage wiring, electrical, lighting, and plumbing.
  • Sanity! Trying to sell a pre-owned home and then "time" the purchase of another pre-owned home is perhaps the most difficult real estate transaction of all. Pre-owned homes, at best, are a moving target, they come and go, and if you are trying to do another pre-owned homework, you may find that you can't sell your home in time and will be forced to look elsewhere or even rent as you scan the market for the right pre-owned home. If you don't need to sell to buy another home, then the process is a whole lot easier as you have more time to wait out the market until the right pre-owned home meeting your needs is available. With pre-owned, you also run the risk of having to compete with multiple offers. Hence the reason why so many people choose to buy a new home - timing is better, you have a choice of floorplans, modifications, options, and upgrades, and the process a lot more controllable.

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