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Drees Homes Dallas Fort Worth Summer Rebate Sale!

Posted by Mike Askins on Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 at 8:14pm.

Save THOUSANDS More on New Drees Custom Home with ARG!

I can help you achieve maximum savings in Drees Home Communities across the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Professional Realtor® services include reviewing contracts, general advice, negotiations prior to contract, inspections, finance, and then pay or credit you with a generous 3% cash rebate when you close. My services represent value-added savings and are in addition to all advertised builder concessions and discounts. So Drees buyers, why leave THOUSANDS behind, when don't have to? 

Your Drees Home Buyer Cash Rebate Puts THOUSANDS of Dollars on Your Side of the Table. Find Out More

General Process For Buying a New Drees Custom Home

  1. Get prequalified by a mortgage lender. I can offer exceptional lender referrals.
  2. Become a new home client of ARG.
  3. Identify a Dallas Fort Worth-based Drees Custom Homes Community - Start Your Search.
  4. If You Find an "aged" Drees SPEC Home, they are the Surest Way to SAVE the most money.
  5. Choose a lot, floorplan, basic structural options, and estimated upgrade costs
  6. Obtain Drees standard community incentives, start price negotiations and submit an offer
  7. Contract and make a deposit of earnest money
  8. Build home and inspect to remove construction defects
  9. Close and Get Paid!
  10. Please contact us for more information about services, and rebates. Restrictions may apply.

With an unheard of ~95% Success Rate Selling Our Listings, We Have the Know How to Sell Your HomeIf you have an existing home you need to sell, I can help you with a proven pre-listing process. My services include reviewing your home and offering honest advice to help you cosmetically prepare, declutter, and stage your home. ARG has sold 100's of D/FW area homes with our unparalleled Free Move-up offer, saving our clients millions of dollars and we can do the same for you. See DFW area homes we listed and SOLD. I offer my clients the choice of a Rebate or Free Move-up. Basically, the builder commission credit is taken as cashback or used to eliminate most, if not all of the typical 6% MLS listing commission. That's a Hunk of Savings! On a $400K home, that is a potential home-equity savings of $24,000 that would otherwise be paid as a listing commission expense.

Choose Your Savings! Get a Cash Rebate OR Free Move-up!

Builders charge new home buyers the same bottom line price with or without a Realtor® involved - meaning you're paying the Realtor® Commission one way or the other. With ARG as your New Home buyer agent, we unlock the Realtor® cost center and rebate the majority of these dollars back to you, or if you have a home to sell, you may choose to use your Rebate Credit to vastly lower or even completely eliminate the MLS listing fee you would otherwise pay to sell your current home. We offer results oriented solutions that will save you THOUSANDS!

Just Buying a New Home? Claim your ARG™ New Home Buyer Cash Rebate Incentive Shown Below!

Choose Your Builder and Discover Your ARG Rebate

Your Cash Rebate
When You Buy With ARG
Move the Dollar Sign to indicate the commission sales price of your new home. Your cash rebate is shown above.
Or, do you need to Sell an Existing Home First? ARG Move-up Clients Average ~$20,000 in Agent Commission Savings

Select Your Builder & Adjust Cost Sliders to Reveal Your Cost to List with ARG

Your Total Listing Costs
Why Pay More?

PLEASE NOTE: When Calculator results show "$0 FREE!" that means you AVOID the entire 6% MLS Listing Commission making your Move-up 100% Commission FREE. Should any "Dollar Amount" be shown, that COST represents your TOTAL FINAL Cost. Always CALL 214-727-3686 to get a FINAL QUOTE. FREE Move-up offer is in lieu of cash rebate offer. Conditions apply. Savings based on a 6% Listing.

Move the Dollar Sign to indicate the home's value. Your Listing Cost and Savings are shown above.
Move the Dollar Sign to indicate the commission sales price of your new home.

Please note, your actual rebate amount may vary from amounts shown on calculator depending upon your specific agreement with ARG.

New Homes are EXPENSIVE, I Can Help You Over the Anxiety Hump

New homes are expensive, but that is only your first expense. Once you close, you're suddenly faced with numerous cash needs for moving expenses, utility deposits, window treatments, appliances, furniture, restaurant bills, and miscellaneous whatnots affecting your cash resources. Having an extra $10,000 or $20,000 on hand from an ARG™ client Cash Rebate or Free Move-up will greatly help you defray the sudden cash drain associated with buying a new home - thanks to me!

Drees Buyers! I can Help YOU Not Leave Money on the Closing Room Table!!



Mike Askins

Mike Askins, Realtor, Owner ARG
Got questions for Realtor Mike? Call me at 214-727-3686 (mobile)

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