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The Sun Came out in North Texas! Hurray!!!

Flowers, Gardens, Plants, and Lawns Celebrate in Amazing Colors when the SUN finally showed up in late May in Anna Texas!!

Also, for those who are considering selling their homes; here is the TIP of the DAY: Dress up the outside of your home to make the impression that sells your home, i.e., Curb Appeal!

From the Bible: And why do you worry about clothes? Consider how the lilies of the field grow: They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his glory was adorned like one of these. Matthew  6:28 & 29.


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Find Favorably Priced New Homes for Sale in Mantua!-Photo Features David Weekley Homes

Mantua will boom! In fact, it has already started, and today is your chance to buy at introductory pricing that is proving to be impossible to find in similar high-end McKinney, Allen, Prosper, and Frisco communities. Getting to Mantua is fast and easy on the newly-expanded Highway 75 corridor (Get Directions). Mantua is located in the sought-after Van Alstyne School District and sits on nearly 3000 pristine acres West of US 75. 

Current Home Builders include David Weekley Homes, Highland Homes, and Perry Homes.

I'll Pay You THOUSANDS When You Buy a New Mantua Home With Me!

Did you know that my Texas New Home Buyer Cash Rebate, up to 3% ($12,000 Back @ $400K Price) will SAVE you THOUSANDS that would otherwise be kept by your home

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Homes Sell As Quickly As They Hit The Market

Housing availability in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex has been in a critically short supply. Builders are at full capacity and have sold out many neighborhoods. Additionally, home builders are restricting monthly sales as they shift towards selling near-completed inventory homes to prevent profit losses experienced in 2020 due to construction material inflation

A growing number of DFW home builders are leaning towards accepting "bids over asking price," like what is happening in the pre-owned housing market, as desperate homebuyers compete for new real estate. These current economic conditions have combined to create the greatest North Texas seller's market ever and, along with, a growing nightmare for today's homebuyers.

Texas Housing Did

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DFW Home Builders Take Steps to Avoid Inflation Risks and Now Sell SPEC Homes ONLY

BREAKING NEWS! Dallas Fort Worth and Texas-based home builders have had record business in 2020 and now in 2021, but not record profits as inflation has significantly minimized contractual profits estimated to be in the Billions of dollars. If buyers today think they can stop runaway housing inflation train by contracting to build from an empty lot months before closing, then they should know those days are now quickly coming to an end with an ever-growing list of DFW new home builders suspending build contracts in an effort to stop losses associated with monetary inflation.

Today, builders are turning away from traditional "build to suit" contracts on empty lots to contracting when new SPEC homes are ostensibly complete with known cost numbers to

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Find DFW New Homes Ready to CLOSE May 2021

May 2021 continues to experience a severe shortage of homes for sale across the entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Homes that become available, have an extremely short shelf life as prices continue to rise. New SPEC Inventory Homes for many are the real solution to avoid endless preowned bidding wars that can raise your real price by up to $100,000 dollars. Knowing how to get in line with new home builders is key to your success.

A+ Rated Accredited BBB Member since 2005In a real estate market where builder sales incentives are NONE, getting a valuable cash rebate at closing is more valuable than ever. Sign up for your cash rebate agreement worth Thousands, so we can better help you save when buying a new home in Dallas Fort Worth.

Click the RED BAR Above to Open Search Where You

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3 Steps to Navigate a Gridlocked DFW Housing Market

The Dallas Fort Worth Housing Market has never seen such a housing shortage as now, and that is occurring with a record-breaking 40,000 new homes built in 2020 and another 40,000 forecasted to be built in 2021 according to KRLD Radio. Additionally, KRLD 1080 Radio reported, "the median price for a single-family home jumped 16% last month to nearly $313K, the highest price ever in North Texas."

For generations, there has always been an ample supply of area homes for sale, especially new homes, and that has helped to keep home prices competitive and in check, but for now, that past norm is "out the window" as the DFW Metroplex struggles with a housing supply shortage and rising prices. 

And so there are new rules that apply to both locals and

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Find New Homes For Sale in DFW CLOSING in April 2021

April 2021 continues to experience a severe shortage of homes for sale. Prices, as a result, have been increasing sharply. New homes for many are the real solution to avoid bidding wars.

A+ Rated Accredited BBB Member since 2005In a real estate market where builder sales incentives are nowhere to be found, getting a valuable cash rebate at closing is more valuable than ever. Sign up for your cash rebate agreement worth Thousands, so we can better help you save when buying a new home in Dallas Fort Worth.

Click the RED BAR Above to Open Search Where You Can Enter Your Specific Criteria. Remember, I Can't Make a Difference for YOU If You Don't CALL!

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 AI Will Change Real Estate Landscape

As Texas moves forward into tomorrow's AI technology world, the entire construct of civilization as formerly understood is about to experience a polar shift. The next ten years will see dynamic population changes due to workforce demands, and Texas finds itself at the forefront of an uptrend in housing demand.

The recent so-called Pandemic did, if anything, revealed many societal inefficiencies regarding traditional corporate capital infrastructure expenditures. Businesses large and small are now increasingly shifting from expensive office buildings towards a more capital-preserving work-from-home workforce. Homes connected to the fiber-optic gigabit pipeline are in high demand for marketing, sales, software, medical, engineering, and IT

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Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Market Changes are on The Horizon Today

IT was bound to happen. Overplaying the COVID card has caused mountains of reckless government borrowing. With each passing day, the resulting debt-aftermath is approaching, and it looks daunting. It is clear to prevent a complete collapse of the credit currency that interest rates will need to go up to begin to remove from circulation all those inflation-causing credit instruments responsible for skyrocketing real estate and stock market valuations. In doing so, the Reserve Bank protects itself from collapse while transferring any resulting consequences to the people.

Honestly, it is not difficult to see that natural law is the gold standard of civilization. It fosters pricing stability and rationality, but it seems absent in today's artificial

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Massive Winter Storm Uri Reeks Havoc Across Texas

Below Zero Temp Anna TX 2-16-2021Millions of Texans, including scores of families that have moved here recently, got a reminder of Mother Nature's fury, compliments of Winter Storm Uri (photo courtesy of NASA). As it turns out, our solar system's Sun is now in what is known as a Solar Minimum. This might, according to astronomer Bob Berman, suggest we may be seeing more of these powerful winter storms in the coming years, due to lower sunspot activity. The good news is that Texas' electric grid problems are all fixable, but it will cost money and require tens of thousands of new jobs to get this big Texas fail-safe job done. Texas is a can-do state, and the initiative is couched in urgency as stated by Gov. Greg Abbott.

Job number one is to create the most robust, spare capacity

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