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DFW Home Sellers

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Homes Are Selling Quickly [INFOGRAPHIC]

Homes Are Selling Quickly [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Homes Are Selling Quickly [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Some Highlights:

  • The National Association of REALTORS® surveyed its members for the release of their Confidence Index.
  • The REALTORS® Confidence Index is a key indicator of housing market strength based on a monthly survey sent to over 50,000 real estate practitioners. Practitioners are asked about their expectations for home sales, prices, and market conditions.
  • Homes across the country are selling quickly, in an average of just 31 days.
  • 49% of homes sold in less than a month.

Additional Seller Information Resources

    • Thinking About Selling? Time to Plan Ahead
    • Seller Tips From a Proven DFW Listing Agent
    • The Real Cost of a "Home Buy-Out Offer" is Your Home Equity
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How Light Management Helps Home Sellers Get Their Homes SOLD

It is a common mistake for home sellers to fail to employ the primary pre-listing rules for selling Real Estate. Rules such as a decluttering, and removing non-mission critical personal items to storage, fixing cosmetic issues, and correcting light management issues that affect buyer impression, followed by a careful review of closets, pantry, laundry room and finally a thorough clean-up, including windows and landscaping, are all checklist items that will help you get the job done.

Don't Give Away Your Hard Earned Home Equity

While a percentage of home sellers dump their homes to buy-out vendors along with their home equity profits, the vast majority of home sellers have no intention of handing over their hard-earned equity and even find ways

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Avoid Common Home Seller Listing Pitfalls

Dallas Fort Worth area home sellers just loved it a few years back, when area housing was in short supply, the Fed's printing presses were in full production, and buyer demand was sky high, but that all ended when the Fed decided to rapidly increase the cost of borrowing, slowing demand and forcing the housing market to correct. 

Rates are now lowest in last 8 monthsToday's rates, however, are the lowest going back 8 months, and buyer demand, as a result, is picking back up, showing just how wrong the Fed was to raise rates in the first place. How long this downward rate trend repreive will continue, is anyone's guess, but for sure you can save on monthly payments with today's lower mortgage rates. 

DFW Area Mortgage Interest Rates are now the Lowest in 8 Months!

How to Succeed in a more Traditional North Texas Housing Market


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2017 was a good year for McKinney real estate. There were 3,905 homes sold with an average price of $346,250. The highest price house fetched $2 million. On average, listings remained on the market for 46 days.

Here are the top 20 McKinney neighborhoods based on the volume of homes sold in 2017.

top selling McKinney Neighborhoods in 2017

Top 20 Selling McKinney Neighborhoods in 2017

Click your desired neighborhood to view current listings, or view all McKinney homes for sale.

Neighborhood # of Sales in 2017 Average Selling Price
Trinity Falls 129 $388,308
Craig Ranch North 122 $297,293
Eldorado Heights 121 $287,979
Heights At Westridge 93 $318,442
Robinson Ridge 71 $328,352
Reserve at Westridge
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DFW priced reduced homes

Looking for a great deal on a new home in Dallas-Fort Worth? Here are the top 10 DFW new home price drops for January 2018. You'll see they range from 20% to 12%, and if you buy from Askins Realty Group, will qualify for our additional rebate. This is just a snapshot of our favorite deals, check our DFW Price Reduction Page to get the entire list.

  % Decrease Cost ARG Rebate Area MLS# Builder
1. 20% $387,990 $7,760 Frisco Lakes, Frisco 13755066 Del Webb
2. 17% $558,000 $11,160 Bretton Woods, Frisco 13509571 Lennar Homes
3. 15% $440,000 $8,800 Trinity Falls, McKinney 13674299 Ashton Woods Homes
4. 14% $474,990 $14,250 Hollyhock,
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Our first standard is trust. Since 2004 ARG has delivered and maintains a perfect A+ BBB business recordWe want to invite you to save in 2018 with ARG's lowest cost to absolutely commission Free DFW area New Home Move-up.

New homes are expensive, but did you know you're paying the built-in New Home Realtor® commission, representing thousands of dollars in costs, whether you're using a Realtor® or not?

The great news is, that when you choose ARG as your New Home Realtor®, we'll unlock the built-in Realtor® commission and apply it towards eliminating up to 100% of the typical 6% Realtor® Listing Commission associated with selling your existing home.

Just selling? We charge 4.5% saving you half of the typical seller agent fee.

With ARG's No.1 rated DFW "True-Free New Home Move-up" you get unsurpassed savings, combined with multi-year

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Caution, Buy Your Home Businesses, May Also Be Taking Your Home EquityHappy New Year!!!

The one bottom line truth about any business is money, and more specifically your money. With regards to real estate services, how much you get to keep (home equity) versus the cost of services you pay to sell your home is the question we will explore.

Recently, the Texas Association of Realtors created this informational flyer to alert consumers about instant offers from companies like Opendoor, Offerpad, Zillow and similar companies.

Real Estate Buy-outs

Real Estate "Buy-outs" are nothing new. Over the years many have come and gone. Some Realty businesses will even offer to buy your home, if they can't sell in so many days, as a hook to get your business, knowing that nearly no seller would ever agree to a buy out once they

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Some competitors make you pay 3% and call it a "Free Move-up." At ARG, we offer, depending upon builder involved, a "True-Free" 100% Commission FREE Move-up that can effectively double your DFW Realtor® listing savings by driving down what you pay from 3% all the way to 0%/ $0! Yes, we cover up to 100% of the 3% buyer's agent fee plus eliminate all Seller Agent commissions as well, giving you the best services and lowest costs.

Christmas is a Great Time to Offer the Gift of Savings!

ARG Offers Free Move-up Savings All Year Around!Since 2004, ARG has been an effective difference maker in helping DFW residents save a lot of money, whether you're buying a completed inventory home or building from an empty lot. ARG is currently a 5-peat D-Magazine Platinum award winner and A+ with the Dallas BBB. We

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Collin County Real Estate Market - September 2017

People are complaining about the slow market in Dallas-Fort Worth, but here in Collin County, it's not such a bad place for most home owners and sellers. Actually, considering the challenges this state has met with regard to inclement weather and economical challenges with oil prices, the real estate market is doing better than expected.

Stats for September 2017

Collin County single-family home prices sold for a median $320,000, up 6.7% from 2016. The Collin County real estate market is performing over 30% higher compared to the average Dallas-Fort Worth MLS.

Newer homes, dating 2010 or higher, are selling for a median price of $358,900. This is also the season for end of year deals as DFW

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Simply speaking, a seller's temporary leaseback begins when you sell your home. Many times, buyers and sellers will agree, in their purchase contract, to allow the sellers a certain amount of days past their closing and funding date to move out. Leasebacks are a negotiated agreement between parties and once signed, becomes binding on both parties unless amended by the written consent of both parties.

What are the reasons for a lease back?

  1. The overwhelming main reason is that sellers want to ensure their homes actually close and fund before spending thousands of dollars in expenses moving out. I have seen the horror that occurs when a seller moves out before closing only to find out their buyer could not get final loan approval, was involved in an
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