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Get in the Homeownership Game and Start Investing in Yourself

Posted by Mike Askins on Sunday, February 16th, 2020 at 11:52am.

 Invest in Yourself with Home Ownership

Why invest in a 401K retirement fund, if the benefit goes to someone else? It would make no sense, but every day, people do just that when they rent a home. Renting offers no payoff, no lasting financial benefit, other than having a temporary address. While past homeowners recognize this, many of today's younger buyers, struggle with the concept of homeownership. For some, it is a scary first step, but we've all been there.

Since you need a dwelling for basic survival, and you can pay off your investment while living in it, creating 100's of thousands of dollars of future funds, why waste another day of your finite working life funding someone else's retirement. Time, once spent, is gone forever. Oh, and if you think D/FW area homes are too expensive now, just look back 10 years and compare.

Mortgage Rates are WAY DOWN, Energy Efficiency is now part of all new homes (see the new home advantages), saving you additional monthly cash flow, versus being subject to endless rent increases, which steals your pay raises and drains your future savings. You only have so many working years, make each year work for YOU. 

Find DFW Area New Homes, All Locations, All Prices

Realtor Mike AskinsWith over a Billion in home sales and millions in client commission reductions, credits and new home buyer cash rebates, Realtor® Mike Askins can help you benefit when dealing with new home builders and gain thousands in savings when selling and buying a new home. Why You Need an Expert Agent.

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