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The Sale of Your Home is Always Determined by "DLPFC!"

Posted by Mike Askins on Saturday, June 20th, 2020 at 1:10pm.

 DLPFC is the Scientific Formula for Selling Your Home

This blog gets directly to the point. "DLPFC" controls the sale of real estate. When an MLS listed property does not sell, one or more of the factors below are responsible.

Sellers Need to Understand the Concept of "DLPFC"

D - DEMAND. Without it, there are no buyers and no sales.

L - LOCATION. Location affects demand. Even great locations are subject to micro-location factors that affect demand and pricing.

P - PRICE. Rational price support must be generally supported by individual property facts and COMPS. Get this wrong and demand drops and listings languish on the market unsold.

F - FLOORPLAN. This is an underestimated factor. Not all floorplans have the same value. Identical homes (same floorplan), one having 3.5 baths and the other 2.5 Baths, will have markedly different demand and selling price. Better floorplans experience more demand and routinely sell for more money per square foot.

C- CONDITION. How a seller prepares their home before listing it for sale, influences sellability, market value, and can help mitigate other factors listed above.

Professional, Factual, and Results OrientedWith ARG™ as your choice of MLS Listing Agent, You can expect your home to be professionally evaluated, so you can benefit from the above factors versus having them work against you. We offer amazing low-cost New Home Move-ups where MLS listing commissions start at $0 dollars and go up to 3% or if you need to sell, we offer a flat, full service, 4% MLS listing. Our goal is simply to sell your home efficiently for the most money possible. View DFW area Homes we have SOLD for our wonderful clients.

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