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We're at the Dawn of a Paradigm Shift in Real Estate, are You Ready?

Posted by Mike Askins on Monday, March 15th, 2021 at 11:57am.

 AI Will Change Real Estate Landscape

As Texas moves forward into tomorrow's AI technology world, the entire construct of civilization as formerly understood is about to experience a polar shift. The next ten years will see dynamic population changes due to workforce demands, and Texas finds itself at the forefront of an uptrend in housing demand.

The recent so-called Pandemic did, if anything, revealed many societal inefficiencies regarding traditional corporate capital infrastructure expenditures. Businesses large and small are now increasingly shifting from expensive office buildings towards a more capital-preserving work-from-home workforce. Homes connected to the fiber-optic gigabit pipeline are in high demand for marketing, sales, software, medical, engineering, and IT professionals who are now increasingly working from home.

The 2021 North Texas Real Estate Market is a Seller's Market and Buyers Must PLANModern smart-home equipped New Homes for sale in DFW are the easy solution for work from home professionals. New homes for sale in Dallas Fort Worth are also easier to contract when compared to the time-draining multiple-bid preowned home lottery, where buyers can find themselves endlessly competing with dozens of offers.

Persons relocating to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex in many instances see a lower cost of ownership advantage to the pricing of real estate compared to other more expensive U.S regions, even if locals are stunned at how expensive real estate has become. Texas has room to grow, and those relocating here feel more secure with the Texas government's sensible pro-business bias.

It appears that the next ten-year period of technology advancements may very well exceed all the achievements of humankind from the dawn of civilization to now. I guess time will tell, and if you feel lost, you're not alone, but ignoring it won't stop the future from unfolding.

Are you ready?

Area new home builders who embrace smart-home automation in the communities and homes they develop and construct offer "work-from-home"  technology workers the remote office connectivity construct they require to fulfill their employment missions.

Mike Askins

Mike Askins, Realtor, Owner ARG
Got questions for Realtor Mike? Call me at 214-727-3686 (mobile)

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