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When Home Buyouts Become Home Equity Give-aways | Buyer Beware

Posted by Mike Askins on Friday, August 19th, 2022 at 11:37am.

Easy Home Buy-out Services - Buyer Beware

You may have missed that the FTC just recently sued and ordered Opendoor to pay a $62 Million Dollar fine for deceiving consumers. For years I have been advising that the only way to ensure earning top dollar selling your property is to prepare your home, hire a Realtor®, and list it in MLS (See: The Real Cost of a Home Buy-Out Offer). Selling your home directly to the public, and avoiding difficult-to-understand middleman costs, is the only way to avoid potential equity-reducing financial disappointments, so "Caveat Emptor" when considering an easy way out of your home. 

Sellers would be advised to search and review the BBB and other online resources about buy-out companies before signing any contract with them. A complicated process nearly always involves additional costs that might not be self-apparent, resulting in an additional loss of home equity, the same equity you'll need to replace the home you're selling. 

Here's a No-Nonsense Competitive Solution for Sellers and Buyers

If obtaining full MLS Listing Services and retaining the most home equity possible, I know you'll love the competitive, low commission solutions we offer! 

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