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Why You Should Be Very Concerned About MLS Listing Photography

Posted by Mike Askins on Sunday, February 12th, 2017 at 12:22pm.

You've spent thousands of dollars and countless hours fixing your home up not to mention all the other upgrades you've added and expenses you've borne maintaining your home. You're particular with your home's look and if the truth be told, proud of all your efforts. If that describes you, then the last thing you want is to list your home with an agency that can't tell your home's individual story using well composed professional MLS photography.

Poor quality MLS photos can work against your listing, bring fewer showings and increase your days on market.

The No.1 Problem with Digital MLS Photography is Limited Dynamic Range

Poor MLS Photography Harms Your ListingIf you carefully view the slideshow below, you'll first see what the camera saw, followed by post processed RAW images by ARG Realtor Mike Askins. Digital cameras produce both JPEG and RAW images simultaneously, the JPEG being what the Camera sees, and a RAW file that allows for post processing adjustments to produce images more in line with what a human eye sees.

Processing RAW files allows you lighten "dark shadows," reduce over-exposed highlights, correct white balance, color temperature, sharpness, and control color channels in an effort to remove the depressing "dingy over yellow" look that is so common when photographing a home's interior. The RAW adjusted images results in well balanced, natural images that produce a more pleasant viewing experience. Here is a recent ARG MLS listing example so you can see the effects of professional photography in an MLS listing.

Use Cool Daylight LED Bulbs to Brighten Your Home and Eliminate Another TIP, is to change your light bulbs from warm yellow cast lights to "Cool Daylight LED light bulbs. The subtle, yet enhanced blue cast, will make your home appear larger and brighter while minimizing the tired, dingy yellow cast that works against a good first impression.

Realtor Mike Askins with Camera at 2011 Rangers World Series GameWith ARG, we help solve photography induced bad first impressions. We use cutting edge camera systems, lens and strobe systems, that help us produce images that tell your home's story with photos. If you think about it, agents constantly remind home sellers that you only get "one first impression" and then post images to your MLS listing that fails that important test. With ARG, we work with our clients, from staging, cosmetic review, lighting, and then photography so when a prospective buyer see's your home for the very first time "on-line," it will past the all important "First Impression" test with flying colors!

With a success rate of over 90% selling our MLS listings, easily one of the best percentages in the business, we have a proven DFW MLS Listing system that brings results.

DFW MLS Photography is Critical for Your SuccessPerhaps it is time to engage a Realtor that understands the art of making a better first "online" impression. Got questions? Call us at 972.529.2394


Mike Askins

Mike Askins, Realtor, Owner ARG
Got questions for Realtor Mike? Call me at 214-727-3686 (mobile)

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