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Industry Insights

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All Career Republican and Democrat Politicians support NAFTA and American Job LossGovernment and big business in 2016 are continuing their open assault on manufacturing jobs in America. NAFTA has to be one of the worst governmental results of any Western nation on the planet. Workers lives are now conveniently reduced to, "it's a business decision."

If that is the case, then the American people also need to make a "business decision" to boycott companies like Carrier Air Conditioning (United Technologies) who announced yesterday that they are moving their manufacturing and distribution facilities outside of the U.S. to Monterrey Mexico but intend to import their cheaply made foreign products at greater profits back into the U.S. while avoiding Tariffs all thanks to NAFTA.

Approximately 2100 American jobs will be eliminated

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You know it really is not difficult to do this job right. It takes the right mental attitude, attention to detail, a caring personality and the willingness to work. With that said why do so many listing agents from some of the biggest brokerage names, insist on listing their client's homes incorrectly in MLS?

How the Public MLS System Works

The number one question sellers need to ask of their prospective listing agent is this, how do buyers FIND their listing in MLS? The answer is rather simple actually, buyers enter their individual search criteria into any number of real estate websites and if your home fits their inputted description, you're on the short LIST! Unfortunately with many listing agents today, your home never makes "the list" because

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Will Technology Cause Real Estate Servicecs to Rise?

There may be storm clouds forming on the time horizon, one that could exact a major cost toll on the North American Real Estate Services industry and of course consumers who will be footing the bill. Instead of a free and open internet working to increase competition among Real Estate service providers and drive down costs, lead generation middlemen are instead trying to repackage the services of others, taking a big cut of the financial pie for themselves, while doing their best to convince consumers by obfuscation of the facts that they can help them save money! Well I'm calling Balderdash!

The fact is, when middlemen lead generation referral companies insert themselves into the financial vein of real estate services, consumers will ultimately

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