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Collin County Real Estate Up This Spring

Collin County real estate sales came in like a lion this spring with May 2017 home sales and prices up substantially from May 2016. If you're considering buying a home in Collin County, this will give you a quick overview of the top performing towns. If your considering selling, well, it's possible real estate in your area has increased as well. Try our Property Valuation tool and find out. We're always happy to give you a comparable analysis for any Dallas-Fort Worth property.

# of Homes Sold in Collin County - May 2017 vs 2016

There were 1,639 homes sold in Collin County during May, 2017. This was an 8.40% increase from 2016 when only 1,512 homes were sold. 

Top Selling Towns: Celina: up 100%, Frisco:

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top 10 DFW price drops for May 2017

Looking for a great deal on a new home in Dallas-Fort Worth? Here are the top 10 DFW new home price drops as of May 2017. You'll see they range from 19% to 12%, and if you buy from Askins Realty Group, will qualify for our additional rebate. This is just a snapshot of our favorite deals, check our DFW Price Reduction Page to get the entire list.

  % Decrease Cost ARG Rebate Area MLS# Builder
1. 19% $450,000 $13,500 Estates at Rockhill, Frisco 13493175 Shaddock Homes
2. 19% $549,000 $10,980 Trinity Falls, McKinney 13475178 Ashton Woods Homes
3. 18% $642,500 $19,275 Hollyhock, Frisco 13453999 Highland Homes
4. 17% $465,000 $13,950
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The Taste of Union Park in Little Elm is coming back on April 29th! This is the perfect time, if you are considering a new home. Union Park in Little Elm offers amazing resident amenities and excellent new home pricing from 6 New Home Builders!  The Taste of Union Park is a wonderful way to have a close look at what makes Hillwood communities different, get to share time at a community social event, talk to residents and even take a peek at new homes, all in one productive afternoon! 

Union Park, is a Hillwood Communities, Perot Company, Masterplan and like all Hillwood Communities, this Masterplan is loaded with resident amenities, social events and a growing list of new additions that might surprise you in a very good way, especially when you

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Over-priced is No.1 Reason MLS Listings ExpireAt the end of the day, every home has a price the market will agree with and knowing that approximate price tag is the first order of business for any successful home sale. Over the years ARG has listed and sold 100's of area pre-owned homes for our Free Move-up buyers and today, after nearly 13 years, ARG enjoys one of the highest success rates selling our client's listings and that is due to a careful understanding of value. Read ARG's Marketing Plan.

Also, many ARG clients enjoy up to a fully commission free sale of their home, meaning even if they must sell for less than list price, their NET proceeds from the sale of their home would still be thousands of dollars higher than if they listed with a traditional full cost broker charging up to 6%.   

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The monthly cost of home ownership, via higher mortgage interest rates, is expected to rise later this month when the Federal Reserve convenes to review current economic activity and interest rate policy. Experts anticipate the Fed will have no choice but to raise rates again. Since September, the Federal Funds Rate has increased by 0.5%. March's increase will mean the Federal Funds Rate will rise to 1%. During the recession of 2008/9, the Federal Funds rate dropped to just 0.25%.

Historically speaking, today's mortgage interest rates are still very low, however with economic forecasts heating up, price inflation becomes a threat to economic stability and hence a higher cost of borrowing is generally the tool used to combat inflation. Experts are

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David Weekley Hollyhock, FriscoDavid Weekley Homes in Hollyhock, Frisco offers new home buyers a brand new floorplan concept that is sure to be a hit. From the outside, the "Northington Plan" looks typical, but once you take the full tour, you quickly realize how unique and untypical this space efficient floorplan is. 

For example, the Master Suite is large and open via cool interior windows that offer expansive views to the outdoor living area. Then there is the detached living area/flex room in the back of the home (easily missed if you're going too fast!), that offers a private second game room, or special flex space that is not connected to the main floorplan from the inside, but is under the same roof. A great room to have if you're needing some quiet time or solitude or need a

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Texas Home sales across the State of Texas collectively nudged out last year's Q3 record breaking sales results by .2%. Medium home price increased by 7% to $214,000. Still in most populated Texas Cities, the number of home sales were flat or declined compared to the same quarter in 2015, but nonetheless, home prices in these urban areas continued to rise, with Dallas Fort Worth seeing an aggregate 9.4% home price increase and Sherman Denison seeing a larger home price increase at 13.6%

With a major political change underway across the U.S.A, and with U.S. stock markets signaling future economic confidence, the Texas urban city pause (slightly lower home sales than in 2015) seen in Q3 2016, may just be short term protective consolidation ahead of the

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With expected tax reduction change legislation, sweeping corporate tax rate reductions, repatriation of offshore accounts without tax consequences and repeal of Obama Care, markets are signaling an economic uptick that includes higher loan interest rates for DFW area home buyers. If you are in the pipeline for a new home, now would be a good time to consider locking your loan rate.


Real Time DFW Mortgage Rates

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We can't keep up with the price drops on new homes in Dallas-Fort Worth. The Fall is by far the best time of year to purchase a new construction home and DFW builders are dropping their prices to keep their inventory moving. Here is the latest hot sheet for top price reductions for DFW homes. Visit our price reduction page to get a complete view, or Contact me for more information.

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Currently, mortgage rates have been the best ever with regards to rates during the core summer buying season months. Normally rates climb during peak buying months, but this year has been unusual as rates continued to decline. That situation might begin to change as early as next month according to Federal Reserve Bank of New York president William Dudley. Stronger than anticipated job growth and improving general economic strength indicators are being cited as factors behind what appears to be an upcoming interest rate hike in September.



Real Time DFW Mortgage Rates



The basis rule is that when rates go up 1% it is like adding $30K to your

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