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Home Cost Across Time, From the 70's

Some Highlights:

With interest rates still around 4.5%, now is a great time to look back at where rates have been over the last 40 years. Rates are projected to climb to 5.0% by this time next year according to Freddie Mac. The impact your interest rate makes on your monthly mortgage cost is significant! 

Our preferred lender, Core Team USA Mortgage, is now offering the most competitive rates to be found. The Core Team is a full-service, large mortgage lending operation located in McKinney Texas. They offer some of the fastest loan services available in the DFW Metroplex because they staff in-office underwriters and loan processors.  Learn more about how the Core Team can help you.


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Natural Disasters Affect on Housing Costs

Even before this year's hurricane season started, Americans were already feeling the effects of diminishing home affordability. Last year's devastating hurricanes, Harvey, Irma, and Maria added an estimated 282 billion dollars of added material and labor demands to an already stretched thin housing sector. With Hurricane Florence, and perhaps other storms yet to run their course this hurricane season, the U.S housing market will once again become burdened with additional supply and labor demands resulting from disasters, all working against affordable housing. Housing and Hurricane Florence.

Natural Disaster's Effects on Home AffordabilityThe questions to ask is, has affordable housing, compounded by rising taxes, interest rates, and expensive natural disasters become increasingly part of

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Orchard Flower in Flower Mound Offers 55 and Over an Active Senior Lifestyle CommunitySo you're 55 or older and sense time is going faster than ever. You no longer want your precious time to be held hostage to property chores and upkeep projects and you're in search of a more efficient lifestyle, that free's up your time for what truly is important to you.

Well, there is good news to share!

Orchard Flower, a Gated 55+ active adult lifestyle community is centrally located in Flower Mound near shops, restaurants, recreational venues, places of worship, medical facilities and offers the peace of mind, and lifestyle simplification you desire.

Who is Grenadier Homes?

Grenadier Homes Designs All Aspects of their 55+ Active Senior HomesUnlike other cookie-cutter home builders, Grenadier Homes have thought through the actual needs 55+ home buyers are looking for and created their  "Universal

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DFW priced reduced homes

Looking for a great deal on a new home in Dallas-Fort Worth? Here are the top 10 DFW new home price drops for January 2018. You'll see they range from 20% to 12%, and if you buy from Askins Realty Group, will qualify for our additional rebate. This is just a snapshot of our favorite deals, check our DFW Price Reduction Page to get the entire list.

  % Decrease Cost ARG Rebate Area MLS# Builder
1. 20% $387,990 $7,760 Frisco Lakes, Frisco 13755066 Del Webb
2. 17% $558,000 $11,160 Bretton Woods, Frisco 13509571 Lennar Homes
3. 15% $440,000 $8,800 Trinity Falls, McKinney 13674299 Ashton Woods Homes
4. 14% $474,990 $14,250 Hollyhock,
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So we have the FED, thinking its time to raise interest rates in the United States. The problem is, they could not be more historically wrong.

Years ago, before the Half-Trillion Dollar U.S. Annual Trade Deficit, back when we had a manufacturing based economy, it was necessary for the FED to keep interest rates higher to help tamp down inflation. The Fed's chief inflation-fighting tool was to raise interest rates. Higher interest rates helped the banks remove more currency from circulation and when fewer dollars are chasing goods and services, that generally works to control price inflation. 

With today's aggregate foreign trade deficits already doing the work of "Higher Interest Rates," by removing billions of dollars from the domestic economy,

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What are PID and MUD Taxes?

MUD Taxes, or Municipal Utility District Taxes, and PID Taxes, or Public Improvement District tax are additional assessments above standard property taxation. MUD taxes generally have no expiration date, but as more homes are constructed in MUD districts, MUD taxes can decrease or be eliminated over time. PID taxes can also be paid in full up front, versus prorated year by year during the years the PID is active. PID's can run from 20 to 40 years in duration.

The purpose for these "special assessments" is to fund new infrastruture development when the standard tax base alone is insufficient. The various online Tax Appraisal Districts (links below) will reveal if MUD or PID taxes apply. Many times, communities with PID's

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Dallas Fort Worth Mortgage Interest Rates Set to Rise in December 2017Are we nearing the end for cheap money? This week, the downtrend for interest rates hit a wall, along with the dollar rallying on foreign currency exchanges and gold trading back most of its recent gains. All these factors together are signalling higher real interest rates. There are many threads to follow about the economic direction of the U.S. and nothing is certain, but at this juncture, the consensus is December will see a .25 point rise in rates and that means interest rates most likely will increase, and plateau before the actual Federal Reserve rate hike occurs in December. The December Fed meeting will also give further market guidance concerning for rate hikes in 2018. 

There are many sources to follow concerning the economic direction of the

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Harvey's potential Impact on Texas HousingEarly estimates reveal that approximately 100,000 homes have been damaged or lost to Harvey. It is estimated that nearly 80% of affected homes were without flood insurance protection. The scope of the economic disaster is already estimated at being the most costly in U.S. History.

In five short days time, Houston received a year's worth of rain. Nearly no preemptive human measure could have prevented the massive floods, loss of life and sheer destruction that followed. We are in the first days of containment and recovery. Shelters are full, Texas citizens displaced, possessions lost and thousands of lives on hold.

Harvey Runs Fueling Stations Dry in McKinney Texas (9-3-2017)Here in D/FW we are already seeing the effects of Harvey at 1000's of local gas stations. Fuel shortages have also spread to Austin and

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Light Farms in Celina, TX has a number of preowned Highland and American Legend Homes priced THOUSANDS less than new! With pricing now below $400K for well appointed homes that are loaded with many sought after upgrades, maybe it is time to see what your real estate dollars can buy in Light Farms.

Light Farms offers some of the best resident amenities to be found of any modern Collin County 5 Star Master-planned community. If you are wanting to get the most for your real estate dollars, you really should visit Light Farms!

Where is Light Farms, Celina?

Planned 2017 Light Farms Master-plan Additions:

  • Addition of a 5th HOA Pool
  • A new Northside Regional Park with Lake, Dog Park, Camp Grounds and Paddle Boats
  • A poolside Bar and
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